Golf Pin Placement Services

Our Mission: Simple Goals With Global Effects

Course Operators
To provide golf course operators the services they need to improve the location, accuracy and distribution of their daily pin placements
To provide the player easy access to course pin locations and raise their game to a higher level
To enhance golf applications through centralized, distribution of course pin locations and subscribed updates
Global Impact
Reduce the carbon footprint, improve continuity, reduce waste
Build commitment as an intregral and viable partnership between consumers and providers
Low/No cost
To provide the lowest cost access for players and golf course operators while maintaining control over abuse and exploitation.

Registration Limited Access Registration enhances our members' access to USGolfers data and services through the use of a Credit Wallet. Create an new account Enter the Email address uniquely identifying the account Add a securely conceived Password Enter your Full Name Enter a Display Name for public identification Indicate your acceptance of USGolfers Terms and Conditions Submit the Registration request Enter your confirmation code Course Administrators Check Course Management Enter the web location of your readable USG.json configuration file (ex. Create a json file with at that location Click Generate, copy, paste and save the file { /* example content */ "Adminstrator":["USGOLFER-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"] } Click Verify The contents of the file will serve to validate access and capabilities on USGolfers. Changes by Administrators associated with a configuration file at a web location may require update. Changes to the configuration file not generated by the USGolfers service may invalidate the file. To minimize errors the change process will always involve replacing the entire file contents with a copy/paste operation. The copy/paste operation is for your security. We will ALWAYS ONLY require read access and recommend you make the file readonly accessible.

Course Setup Choose a course from our database of over 30,000 courses Enter the optional rating and slope Initialization or requesting changes Indicate the number of holes : 1 to 18 Create Tee Categories (examples) : Men, Women, College, Girls, Boys, High School, Family, Juniors, etc Tees Enter a name (examples): Tips, Blue, White, Tips/Blue, B/Wh, Red, B/Wh/R M/C : Men College, W/C : Women College H/J : High School Neutral, H/G : High School Girls, H/B : High School Boys "/" in the name indicates a mixed/combination Tee Choose a Tee Category Choose a color: (mixed/combos are gray, #FEFEFE and reasigned per hole) Enter a an optional(none or all) rating and slope : Each Hole's Tees Enter the par for the Tee Enter the handicap for the Tee Assign when mixed/combo Tee and rename if desired For better Course representation Par and Handicap are specific to each Hole and Tee Category(or gender) specific Tees affords all possible combinations A combo color/name adjusts automatically when assigning a Tee Guided Capture of geographic information Beginning with the first Hole Position the back or longest Tee Position each of the Tee's Shots based on that Tee's par Locate the Green Extents : frontmost point, leftmost point, backmost point, rightmost point Locate the remaining Tees Re-position each of the Tee's Shot based on that Tee's par Note After Initialization: Changes to number of holes, Tee Categories or Tees mandates the recapturing each Hole Current and future placements should be revisited Course Update subscribers are sent a notification Optional Enhancments when they become available Elements and Features Green Perimiter - aids in controlling and identifying pin locations Tee Box - aids in controlling tee positions Hole Perimiter - aids in controlling cart movement, OB indication Fairway Shape - Hazards - bunker, water, creek, environmental area Cart path - aids in controlling cart movement Structures - Building, Restroom, Snack Shack, Pro Shop
Capturing Daily Placements A simple click on each Hole's green Auto-advance enables the automatic movement the next hole Prior/Future Placement Prevention On by default but may be disabled per session Up to 7-day / approxomate 2 ft. radius per day Extended day / radius prevention are charged additional credits Pin Placement subscribers are sent a notification No Placements subscribers are notified on first request when placements are not yet set for the current day

Benefits : Turf : Quick Placement Settings (avg. under 2 minutes per course) Color coded for easy Front/Middle/Back identification Pin Front Depth and Center Distances identification Easy Combo Tee reassignment for Event and Summer/Winter adjustments Dynamic Tee to Pin, Center and Green Front distances based on Tee, Shots, Green and Pin Historical Pin data Visual reference of previous and future placements Restricted placement within an existing Pin radius Printable Pin Sheets Printable Pin and Hole Sheets per hole, as in yardage books (Scheduled Placements are coming) Members/Clubs : Pre-positioned pins for purer greens and cleaner putting surfaces Course data for better shot making Pin proximity information for improved club selection GPS sensitive to quide cart use Pin Placement subscribers receive a daily notification

Applications Consistent file format across Courses One Course per feed to reduce size and complexity App subscribers are push-fed each Course Pin json file daily when they are set Course Push subscribers are notificed with each push attempt Pulls from failed push-feeds may be charged additional credits

Credit Wallet : How It Works Use of USGolfers services requires commitment. Our commitment is to the services we provide, for you to use. Maintaining a Credit Wallet represents your commitment to USGolfers and the use of its services. Through your purchases our commitment persists and grows. It's a win-win, when we work together. Credits can be purchased by Players, Administrators and Applications Each has a Personal and a Utility Folder Courses only have a Utility Folder and therefore may not make purchases Purchasing Credits Applications can buy credits for their Utility Folder only Players and Administrators can buy credits for their Personal Folder, buy for a Course's Utility Folder, gift to a Course's Utility Folder only from their Personal Folder Credit reimbursements are limited by case for undistributed Purchases Reimbursement credits are applied to the Utility Folder Folder Usage Credits are drawn first from the Utility Folder and then from the Personal Folder Note: Services are suspended to accounts with a non-positive Credit Wallet(a 0 balance in Personal and Utility Folders). Credit Products (PayPal) Personal Credits Added to your Personal Folder 30/60/90/180/360 Credits One Time Monthly Credit Subscription Recharged monthly, based on the number of days in each month Starting the month following the date of the charge Credit Donations Added to the account Utility Folder 30/60/90/180/360 Credit Donation Gift One Time Monthly Credit Donation Subscription Recharged monthly, based on the number of days in each month Starting the month following the date of the charge Credit subscribers receive a daily credit report